Pre and Postnatal Wellness

Pregnancy is amazing. It is also a time of massive change.

The benefits of physical therapy for the pregnant client can include:

  • Physical preparations for childbirth
  • Pain relief measures during labor and post-partum
  • Physical rehabilitation both pre and post-partum
  • Proper endurance, muscle tone, and posture during the childbearing years
  • Combating incontinence and pelvic pain or weakness.

Prior to getting pregnant, it is important to exercise regularly, get fit, and maintain a healthy weight. A physical therapist can assist in finding appropriate exercises to target specific problems and treat nagging injuries before the added stress and weight of pregnancy. Two-thirds of pregnant women will experience back pain, which can worsen if you have a previous history. Addressing flexibility and strength deficits prior to pregnancy can make the experience much more comfortable.

Pregnancy and childbirth is a magical time! Don’t let your aches and pains get in the way! We provide one-on-one evaluations and treatments designed specifically to fit your needs. We will make you feel comfortable and ready to take on anything pregnancy and childbirth throw your way.