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"Dealing with Chronic vertigo since 03/21 thru 07/21 and after only (4) visits with Dr. Anne Best, she was able to determine the cause and cure my issue! Only wish I would have seen her sooner. Thank you!"
Jul 21, 2021
"I just viewed your new email and tried all the neck and back exercises and love them. A lot of "snap crackel" from my neck, feels better now. Thank you very much. "
Nov 19, 2020
"I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for my great PT experience! Each and every one of you were really awesome! I felt comfortable there from day one. You guys were so friendly. I felt like I have known you all for a long time. My knee feels wonderful!!! I can't thank you enough. Great Place!!!"
Nov 18, 2020
"My experience with Ashley for physical therapy was fantastic. She was knowledgeable, hands on and always able to answer my concerns. I had been in therapy elsewhere for my hip pain with poor results. Highly recommend!!!"
Nov 12, 2020
"I just completed rehab at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Services in Homer Glenn for a total knee replacement. I have been to the “big box” therapy joints in the past, and can attest to the fact that they cannot compare to the individualized treatment you receive here. A special shout-out to Rena for her excellent work on the rehabilitation of my knee. I would never recommend the previous therapy services I have been to, however,I wholeheartedly recommend Orthopedic Physical Therapy Services in Homer Glenn!"
Nov 10, 2020
"Orthopedic Physical Therapy is a wonderful, family-owned business with the most caring and dedicated staff in the world! If you are in pain, and you're not sure what to do, please call them. The environment there is so friendly and helpful, you will be glad you made the decision to start on the road to recovery! The staff there is phenomenal and will work their hardest to get you feeling your best as soon as possible. Dr. Helen is amazing and even though she is retired now, she is someone the staff looks to for her vast knowledge of how the human body works. Dr. Stephanie is a true dynamo! She will not stop until she figures out how to make you feel better. She excels at many different types of therapies and never stops learning new techniques to try. Dr. Anne is the best! She is a steady, calming force that listens to what you have going on and will try many different methods of therapy until she figures out what works best for you. They will also give you a personalized plan that you can do on your own, as well. I would recommend Orthopedic Physical Therapy to anyone who is looking for pain relief and wants knowledgeable, caring staff that will work with them until they find a solution!"
Oct 15, 2020
"Just finished my therapy and I was very pleased with my treatment. Ashley focused on my problem areas and what was causing them. She had Jess treat me for a few visits and between the 2 of them I feel I am doing well and know what exercises and stretches I need to continue to do. I have had PT before and this was a much better experience. I was referred by a friend and I also referred another friend and will refer again. Thanks for the great care."
Oct 08, 2020
"Could not have been better. Listened. Listened. Listened. Tweaked as necessary. Taken seriously. Consistent checking to ensure I was okay with each step. I recommend them highly. If anything else goes amok, this is where I’d come. "
Sep 25, 2020
"I worked with Anne to rehab my shoulder. I really can’t express how glad I am that I chose to work with her. From the evaluation to the soft tissue work to the assigned at home exercises Anne charted a much quicker and effective care plan than I would have thought possible, I cannot recommend her highly enough."
Sep 21, 2020
"The staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. The Telehealth virtual visit was so easy, convenient, and helpful!"
Mar 24, 2020
"Refresh and OPTS has helped me in so many ways, mentally and physically. From helping me regain my strength after a double mastectomy, to helping me with prior problems with my neck, shoulders, & jaw. The people here really care about you and you really feel that when they spend so much one on one time with you. If you have more than one area that bugs you, they focus on multiple areas. Thank you sooo much for everything! "
Nov 20, 2019
"I’ve had PT and chiropractic Services in the past and can’t say enough about the team here and at Refresh plus recently my 92-year-old Mother and myself have Received laser therapy and have had great results. Thank you Very Much. An added plus...Pilates is pretty darn good too."
Nov 08, 2019
"Dr. Stefanie, I just finished another session at your office and had to write to you. I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me and for your patience and understanding during my physical therapy sessions. I also want to inform you that the level of mobility has improved as well as my strength, even after three sessions. You make the sessions fun and coach me to push the envelope regarding the exercise at hand. With your personality and professionalism you are a kindhearted care provider and definitely in the right profession. I look forward to my future sessions and reaching my health issue goals."
Sep 18, 2019
"Helen Owens has been my therapist, off and on, for many years. Her diagnostics and treatment plans are always spot on. High marks always!"
Jul 10, 2019

Dealing with Chronic vertigo since 03/21 thru 07/21 and after only (4) visits with Dr. Anne Best, she was able to determine the cause and cure my issue! Only wish I would have seen her sooner. Thank you!

Steve R.

I am a regular here for physical therapy! It is a beautiful and clean place and they have an awesome staff who actually listen to what you're saying and personalize your treatment accordingly. Would recommend to anyone!

Kyle Coleman

Must check this place out. Beautifully designed, top of the line equipment, cozy yoga studio, the instructors are knowledgeable. physical therapy and massage available.


Amazing people, that truly care!

Steven Leitelt

I am so very grateful to Dr Stephanie and the amazing group of caring individuals at Refresh! You have helped me to achieve a new level of confidence and strength. Amazing people with amazing skills. I have been with Dr Stephanie's Family of Chiro and PT starting in Jan of 1991 with Dr Helen, for 25 years , and am forever owing to the wonderful selfless care that I have received! 5 stars is really not enough!

Barbara Brady Crotty Dimoglis

The first people to really help prevent my headaches. Thank you all!

Brian D Murphy

Took my first class on Sunday (Basics + Stretch) and went back today for Yogilates with Taylor. I was surprised at how much I love it and Taylor was a great instructor -- great at giving feedback, encouraging and friendly. I was a little unsure after the first class whether I'd pick it up (having never done Pilates before), but felt confident and happy with my work in the second class. Signed up for a one month unlimited package and can't wait to go back tomorrow!

Lisa Gunggoll

I love Refresh! The classes are great, the instructors awesome and the atmosphere totally friendly and welcoming!!! Now I am going there for Physical Therapy and Stephanie is a wonderful PT. I love all the staff!! Would highly recommend Refresh for Pilates, Yoga, and Physical therapy! Good for your body and soul!!

Virginia Wozniak Chilcutt

Great experience and great people (knowledgeable). Thank you for getting me on track for my shoulder to heal, for better Golf scores of course 🙂

Jason Adam

Went to my first Pilates class today and loved it 🙂 Can't wait to go back! Fantastic instructor and a great workout!

Nikki Ann

After a back injury, I started taking Pilates classes here at Refresh. I feel so much stronger just after 6 weeks of classes. Because the class sizes are limited, you feel like you're working out with a personal trainer. I look forward to my workouts more than ever, now!

Nicole McClain

I just discovered Refresh and Pilates and LOVE them both!! Very nice people, great classes and exercise you can do at any level!

Lysandra Miller

Lovely studio the staff is excellent great work out

Grace Martos

Everything about this place is top notch!!! The staff is amazing!!! I went in for a sprain of my neck area. After a few sessions I have been completely pain-free since the injury happened.

Beth Cuttone Kohlstedt

I had pain in my shoulders for years and thought that surgery was my only option to relieve the pain. After working with Steph and her staff I am now pain free and able to get back to the activities I love to do. I have had a lot of PT in my life – never have I gotten the PT expertise and explanations of my issues as I have at Refresh! I would not go anywhere else for PT. Professional, informative, and caring.

Bridget Hennessy Ahlfield

Refresh Pilates is the absolute best! The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and caring. I love this place!

Cathy L.

I have been going to Refresh Studio since it’s inception and can honestly say that I never intend on going anywhere else. You are always treated with a warm hello and smile the minute you walk through the door. They give you their full attention and truly listen to all of your concerns and questions regarding your health to formulate a treatment plan specific to your needs. I always feel like a new person by the end of each appointment and walk out of there able to do so much more than when I arrived. The staff at Refresh is comprised of dedicated individuals that love what they do and it absolutely shows in the way they go about helping you with your needs. I cannot stress enough my absolute love for their establishment and staff and I encourage everyone to give this place a shot and fall in love too!

Tom K.

I am currently a physical therapy patient at Orthopedic Physical Therapy Services (OPTS). I was referred by a friend, who loved the care she received here. As soon as I knew I was having my ankle replaced, I knew I was going to OPTS to get my physical therapy. The entire staff from Pat and Jessica to all my therapists have been great, it truly is a family atmosphere. All the therapist I’ve worked with are so knowledgeable. I myself am a physical therapist by trade and they have treated me no different. They explained everything I needed to do in order to get back to work. My surgeon did not think I was going to achieve anything from my surgery. The therapy I received increased my flexion and has allowed me to being walking again in a gym shoe. I have not been able to do that for 17 years. With the great therapists, I achieved it. I am still with OPTS and cannot wait to receive more physical therapy to increase my strength. They will work around your work schedule, which is a plus. They are more than just orthopedics, they can do any kind of physical therapy you need to help you return to work or your regular routine. Take it from a therapist, OPTS is the BEST rehabilitation facility to you to where you need to be. I will be the first to refer patients to them.

Meaghan F.

When asked if I would consider providing a brief testimony of my experience with Homer Chiropractic and Orthopedic Physical Therapy, my first thought was of course yet how can I make it brief! Well, here goes nothing. I have been coming here for physical therapy services for me and/or my family since 2012. The services they offer here are at best described comprehensive and expert. No matter what the diagnosis or symptom, they have the skills, experience, and best of all wisdom to assist their patients on their healing journey. Various treatment options may include, laser, acupuncture, myofascial release, cranial sacral, chiropractic, and Pilates with a reformer. As an occupational therapist myself, I am aware that expert clinical skills are essential, yet without the necessary wisdom, practitioners will not know how to best utilize their skills including the proper timing and sequencing of various approaches in ways that bring their clients the progress they are requiring to return to their daily lives. The staff at Homer Chiro and Physical Therapy have proven they have the wisdom that comes with experience. The combined effort of their family to address the underlying causes and provide various treatment approaches, surpasses any other corporate, hospital or private practice treatment approach. I can say this with full confidence because what ensures that this statement is accurate is that Homer Chiro and Physical Therapy staff actually listens and observes in a 1:1 setting. They are continuously and seamlessly working out your individual plan. I have experienced this personally while recovering from herniated discs and an ankle injury this past year. Put simply, these caring and wise professionals have the knowledge and work with you individually for the entire session, in order to determine your changing needs. In my humble opinion, it is this approach that enables their clients to reach their goals. I have and will continue to recommend this practice to family and friends.

Sherri P.

The first day I met Stephanie she told me to bend over and touch my toes. I laughed. I had not touched by toes since I was in kindergarten. I obliged and bent over. I barely made it past my knees. Stephanie told me not to worry, by the end I would touch the floor. I assumed she meant by the end of my 4 weeks of PT I had because I hurt my back at work. The workout was hard and the stretches had be ready to cry. When we were done with the workout I felt exhausted but better than I had felt in a long time. As I was getting ready to go, Steph told me to bend over again and try to touch the floor. I rolled my eyes a little thinking she just loved to torture me. As I bent over and reached, I realized I could touch the floor. This was only after one session with Stephanie. To some this may seem like no big deal. However, it meant the world to me. It gave me hope my back could heal and I could become better than I once was. The journey has been long and sometimes hopeless, but Stephanie stuck with me the whole time providing encouragement and tips on how to work through the various problems that arose. I am happy to say that my back is almost back to normal. Stephanie and her team not only provide encouragement, but education that makes you smarter and stronger for the future so you don’t hurt yourself again. I highly recommend Orthopedic Physical Therapy! The team is awesome, well educated, and truly cares.


I had scoliosis surgery in 1976. Everything was great with my back until I hit the dreaded 50’s. Now I deal with arthritis, stiffness, and less rotation. Pain is accompanying my symptoms. Pilates is a savior for me. Although I have to make modifications I always feel so much better the days I come. Just because we age and have pain doesn’t mean you give up. Adapt, stretch, and move.

Jennifer T.

What a great place! The staff there really know their stuff. If you are looking for a Pilates studio with knowledgeable instructors, this is the place. They will help you stay in shape, prevent injury, AND help heal from present injury! Awesome all around!

Angela K.