Taylor Brown

Taylor Brown, CYT, Studio Manager

Taylor believes in teaching from the heart. To create a safe, sacred space in a judgement-free zone for those to come sit, breathe, move, feel and heal. She believes life isn’t only black and white – that it’s pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, red with a little sparkle in between. This shows in her classes and teaching style. She believes laughter is medicine, and creates a playful atmosphere with lots of smiles. Her yoga classes focus on pranayama and moving meditation which will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. Each class will begin with setting an intention for your practice. Taylor believes in movement with purpose. Setting an intention, sankalpa, allows you to dive deeper into your practice, connecting on a higher level of Self awareness and consciousness. Setting an intention is like burying a little seed within the heart. The asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath control) act like the fertilizer and water to help the seed grow into manifestation. Where attention goes, energy flows.

For those looking for more of a work-out, she teaches Yogilates Reformer in the studio! A perfect blend of pilates and yoga movements on the reformer machine.

Taylor graduated from Yoga-360 School of Teaching with her 200 hour CYT. She has studied with Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) in Chicago and Costa Rica. Connect with her on Instagram: @taylorrachaelyoga

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